Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Luck McGee!

For our Pirate activity, I wanted to do something funny AND dynamic. No Luck McGee is one of the more experienced pirates in the art of battle. When his fellow crew are losing the battle, they let him out of his cage, and he berserks his way to victory.


robin_chyo said...

lol. poor crazy pirate fellow. i'd give him a hug, but i'm afraid he's just rake my back with his hooks.

Brian said...

This may be the greatest pirate illo I've ever seen in my life. I laughed out loud like a maniac at work.


By the way, I'm Vinod's journalism buddy in Florida.

Great work!

nick said...

Ha ha ha! Now what we need is disabled pirates vs. ninjas with their masks on backwards.

Vinod Rams said...

Mike,after N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle, this is probably the greatest pirate illustration ever.


Eric Spray said...

Hahaha! I wish he was my grandpa :D. Powerful design dude!